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Our new launch - dedicated programmable PLC operated toroidal coil winding machine for autotransformer upto 200 Amp

Model PT350 :

Applications: to wind LV/HV winding of Potential transformer upto 232 KVA, LV-HV winding of distribution transformer upto 250Kva, field coils, control transformers.
HV Winding Machines PT 350


S.No. Model PT 350
1. Wire size 30-36 SWG
2. Centre height 450 mm(18")
3. Max. c-c distance 1000 mm
4. Max. Winding width 450 mm(18")
5. Max. speed 400 rpm
6. No. of tapping Manual
7. Winding motor 2 HPAC rotomotive make, VFD drive delta/CG
8. Spread motor 230VAC synchronous motor, torque20 Kg
9. Controller type integrated preset counter (up-down) +timer with five digit LED
display & thumbwheel setting for no. of turns & wire pitch
10. programmable parameters no. of turns of loading & winding; wire dia
11. Power source AC 220,50/60HZ
12. Weight 350 kg (approx.)
13. Dimensions(L*W*HT) (2250*1250*1500)mm approx.