Participated in recently held EFY expo 2014 in New delhi 2014

Our new launch - dedicated programmable PLC operated toroidal coil winding machine for autotransformer upto 200 Amp

LWM 01


S.No. Model LWM-01
1. WINING TURNS 0.1-9999.9
2. WINDING WIDTH 0.1-100mm
4. WIRE DIA. 0.1-0.5 mm or 40 - 25 swg of Cu
5. WIDING SPEED Single spindle >300-8000 rpm
(speed will vary slightly with input voltage)
6. CONTROLLER Indigenously own designed circuits with ATMEL make, (model:AT89C55WD), high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 20K bytes of Flash programmable nonvolatile memory , 256 bytes of RAM.
7. NO. OF USER PROGRAMS 99 application /user programs with on line correction for all the winding paremeters like No of turns; Bobbin width; traverse position; Speed; Wire diameter etc.
8. DISPLAY 32 character-alphanumeric back-lit LCD
9. PROGRAMMING CONSOLE Menu-driven with key pad
11. WINDING MOTOR 1/4 HP/180W PMDC, Rotomag make, India, 180 VDC, 1.5 amp, 3000/4000 RPM, 14 kg-cm holding torque
12. TRAVESRE > Stepper motor , Make: Sanyodenki , Japan , unipolar 24VDC, 2 amp, 8.3 kg-cm holding torque
>Lead screw hard ground steel alloy with delrin box nut.
> LM bearing Hiwin/THK make .
13. POWER SOURCE AC 220,50/60HZ
14. WEIGHT 55 kg approx.
15. POWER CONSUMPTIONS 500w at max load
16. SIZE(L*B*H) 625*450*500 mm approx. (table top machine)

# Wire dia and bobbin swing should not be max. of defined range at a time . In another words if bobbin swing is 75 mm i.e. max. permissible size of bobbin than it may not be possible to wind wire size 25 swg/0.5 mm i.e. max. permissible range of winding wire.

# If it is round ? Bobbin with swing upto 80 can be wind.