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Our new launch - dedicated programmable PLC operated toroidal coil winding machine for autotransformer upto 200 Amp

Model CT250 :

Applications: to wind LT/HT Current transformer, Inductors, AC stabliser transformer, audio Amplifier power supply, Invertor/ups, dimmer/variac up to 40 amp
Toroidal Coil Winding Machines CT 250/CT 250TT


S.No. Model CT 250/CT 250TT
1. Winding head Gear Type (15 inch)
2. Wire size # 23 swg-14 swg
3. Max. finished O.D. # 275mm (can be extend upto 300mm)
4. Min. core O.D. # 170mm (can be extend upto 140mm)
5. Mix finished I.D. # 75mm (can be extend upto 60mm)
6. Max finished HT 140mm
7. Max speed 60tpm
8. Tapping Manual
9. Winding motor 1hp ac, with VFD drive<
10. Spread/Pitch motor 230VAC synchronous motor, torque 20 kg
11. Controller Integrated preset counter+timer with five digit Led display & thumbwheel setting for no. of turns & wire pitch
12. Preset/programmable parameters No. of turns of loading & winding, wire dia
13. Power source Ac 220, 50/60 hz
14. Weight # 210 kg (approx.)
15. Dimensions(L*W*HT) # 400*500*1250mm

#Wire gauge applicable to Cu wire only. For Al more thicker gauges upto 12 swg can be wind while thiner gauges above 20 swg need extra caution when applying tension during winding.

#Extended range like max OD & min OD can be achieved with a different set of core rotation unit/core indexing unit only.

#Min ID & max HT cannot be achieved at the same time.

#Min ID can only be ahieved with slim size of shuttle.

#In comparision to CT 600 CT 250 is smaller in size where small core rotator assembly is used to accommodate smaller core size only.